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All Recruitment Areas 

of Expertise

Our recruitment and headhunting firm specializes in Direct Hire, Executive Search and Staffing solutions for companies accross the Caribbean. We offer our expertise in multiple areas. offers a dynamic and personalized recruitment service. Our team plans with you strategies for long term career growth. It is in our interest to excel with you and to find for you the right career path. 

Our vetting process is part of our service obligation. LyfeDesign's vision is to build with you a successful team environment which shall bring you the desired outcome. 

A bad system will beat a good person

every time. - W.E Deming 

Nothing we do is more important than hiring people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not strategies. - Lawrence Bossidy 

Our Recruitment Services

For all of your hiring needs.

Executive Search works with prestigious establishments and brands to locate and place top talent fast.

Direct Hire

Access top employees and hire with confidence by using industry professionals who specialize in recruiting.


Fill temporary and project based staffing needs you can always rely on.

 Recruitment Areas of Expertise 

Partnership Benefits


Resume Vetting

On average our clients receive only the top 5% of all applicants. Saving them time and ensuring only the best candidates enter the interview phase. 


Industry Experience

All of our recruiters have certain lenght of industry experience. It takes an expert to identify an expert. 



Our expert recruiters source for you, recruiting and headhunting to find the perfect fit for your job opening.


Cultural Awareness

Our team has been exposed to the local culture we are recruiting for. We are mindful of these  cultural differences while recruiting for the best candidates for the job.


Succession Rate 

Hiring is “the single biggest problem in business today. LyfeDesign does not have this problem. We hire with success.


Price Structure 

LyfeDesign's offers various pricing structures in order to meet the needs of the individual industries.

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Become part of LyfeDesign

Reach out today if you are ready to start working with LyfeDesign. Become a recruiter and design your life the way you want it to be. 

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